Belleville Comprehensive Plan


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) teamed with Kendig Keast Collaborative in the preparation of Imagine Belleville, a year-long planning and citizen involvement process resulting in the City of Belleville’s Comprehensive Plan Update.  KEG’s efforts for this project focused on the development of the Growth Capacity and Infrastructure sections of the plan utilizing GIS and data analysis techniques, general plan guidance, and providing support on community outreach and leadership participation.



The City of Belleville, Illinois

The City of Belleville, Illinois

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June 2014

Located approximately 20 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri, Belleville is the most populated city in the metro-east region of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and in Southern Illinois.  Due to its close proximity to Scott Air Force Base, the population receives a boost from military and federal civilian personnel, defense contractors, and military retirees.


Overall, Imagine Belleville’s findings and recommendations focused on the physical and economic aspects of growth and development over a 20-year planning horizon.  Additionally, the plan capitalized on Belleville’s rich history and traditions by building on the community’s unique assets and accomplishments.  It also identified challenges and (mis)perceptions that hinder positive improvements.  This balanced approach enables the community to leverage resources and achievements, while at the same time, establishing realistic goals and expectations.  The overarching planning themes of Imagine Belleville included community perception, safety, and quality of life.

The ability to implement this plan was directly correlated to the amount of citizen participation, which was characterized by a robust citizen engagement effort.  The project team designed public involvement events to engage a wide variety of citizens at frequent check-in points and across multiple platforms.  This engagement process provided opportunities for two-way communication between citizens and local government officials.  






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