East Riverfront Interlocking 


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC, provided Phase III engineering services for the girder strengthening on the East Riverfront of the Eads Bridge. The girder strengthening was vital for the installation of a new interlocking, which will allow Metro to operate MetroLink trains on the current headway without delay to customers, for the duration of the Eads Bridge Rehabilitation. 


Bi-State Development Agency

STV Incorporated

Project Cost:
$1 Million

November 2011

KEG inspectors were on site as the hollow east arcade tower of the bridge was filled with geofoam in order to support the weight of the interlocking structure on top of it. Structural steel was installed to reinforce the concrete girders supporting the road deck, so that the central piers could be demolished to make way for the interlocking.

Inspectors were responsible for documenting that the improvements were built in accordance with plans and specifications. Inspectors worked through the night to optimize MetroLink service during the project. 




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