I-55 Rubblization


KEG Build, a Division of Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC, provided construction services on I- 55 from approximately 1.3 miles north of Illinois Route 140 to approximately 0.50 miles north of Illinois Route 4, which consisted of 3 miles of milling/rubblization of CRC pavement, milling and resurfacing ramps, full depth asphalt paving, concrete pavement under the Illinois Route 4 bridge, underdrains, drainage reconstruction, box culvert and pipe culvert cleaning, guardrail/safety cable barrier, and related work. 


Illinois Department of Transportation

Kilian Corporation

Project Cost:
$18.4 Million


As a subcontractor to Kilian Corporation, KEG Build was responsible for drainage reconstruction, including some pavement removal and traffic control, box culvert and pipe culvert cleaning, inlet protection, patching shoulders after underdrain installation, milling of the HMA surface on the mainline interstate prior to rubblization, and milling of the ramps to be resurfaced. 




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