I-74 over I-155


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) is providing Phase III, construction inspection services for improvements to sections of I-74 and I-155 near Morton, Illinois. These improvements are needed to address the deterioration of existing structures, which are reaching the end of their service life. This project will bring the roadways and ramps up to current design standards, while enhancing the flow of traffic and reducing congestion.


Illinois Department of Transportation

Hutchinson Engineering, Inc.

Project Cost:
$85 Million


The I-74 portion of the project will begin just east of the I-74/I-474 interchange and will extend through the I-74/Morton Avenue interchange in Morton. The I-155 portion of the project will begin at the I-74/I-155 Interchange and will extend south on I-155 to the I-155/IL 98 (Birchwood Avenue) interchange.

The project will feature the reconstruction of the I-74/I-155 interchange into a new configuration; ramp improvements at the I-74/Morton Ave. interchange; removal of eight existing structures on I-74 with replacement of six of those structures; pavement removal and replacement on both I-74 and I-155; construction of additional through lanes on I-74; installation of highway lighting; and installation of roadway drainage.

KEG personnel provided inspection, supervision, materials testing (including, but not limited to, PCC, HMA and embankment testing), materials certification and all documentation for this project. Additional services included on-site inspection, verification of contractor staking, maintenance of documentation, and any other duties that were required by the Resident Engineer/Technician to complete the projects in a timely manner and in accordance with the State Specifications and Guidelines.




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