IL-13 at Freeburg Avenue Roundabout


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) provided Phase I and II engineering services to upgrade the intersection of Illinois 13 and Freeburg Avenue located in Belleville, Illinois to a modern roundabout.     



Illinois Department of Transportation

The City of Belleville, Illinois

Project Cost:
$2.5 Million


Phase I services included performing traffic counts, conducting SIDRA Intersection analysis, Synchro/SimTraffic traffic model, and the preparation of an Intersection Design Study (IDS).  A Project Development Report was also prepared for the project which included the geometric design of the roundabout and access to adjacent properties, the limits of proposed work and construction limits, and reviewed potential environmental impacts.


Phase II services included the preparation of general and detailed plans, special provisions, and cost estimates in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Bureau of Local Roads and Streets Manual, the Bureau of Design and Environment Manual, and the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities-1999.  In order to meet the IDOT’s Complete Streets requirements, KEG recommended 7’ wide sidewalks at each leg of the intersection to connect into the existing sidewalk for pedestrian movement, and a 3’ wide urban shoulder for bicycle movements.

These complete street additions coupled into the newly reconstructed McClintock Avenue street project that attaches to the Bi-State Metrolink Bike Trail and also provided alternate bicycle and pedestrian access to nearby Laderman Park.  

This intersection improvement project was constructed using CMAQ funding.





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