KEG Dogs




Rebecca Boyer

Winston is a full-bred Great Dane that works full time as a Greeter at the Belleville office. His hobbies include stealing food off of the counter, removing the stuffing from toys, and galloping at the dog park. You can follow his crazy adventures and silly antics on Facebook!



Matt Jackson

Bohdi is a four month old Golden Retriever.  His hobbies include ripping up clumps of grass in his yard, sneaking tomatoes from the garden, and playing tug of war.  He loves learning new tricks and snuggling after a long day.  As you can tell by the picture, Bohdi also enjoys sipping pumpkin spice lattes and roaming the aisles of Target.




Dan Yates

Carl is a pit bull/lab mix. He loves king size beds, sleeping, and eating. He also enjoys hoarding all the tennis balls, so the other family dogs cannot have them. Carl is scared of the vacuum, lawn mower, and anything that makes noise or lights up.


Dan Yates

Scout is a pure bread Labrador Retriever. Scout loves to play in the water. No matter where he goes, he will find water to swim or play in. He is great at playing fetch, and he loves attention, visitors, and giving people kisses.




Dan Yates

Max is a Chow/Shepherd mix. He is the old man of the house. He enjoys sleeping and being grumpy all the time. He cannot eat bones because he only has four teeth, but he takes them and flaunts them to make the other dogs jealous.


Greg Hickey

Myka is a purebred mutt, part Corgi, part Bassett Hound, and a dash of Chow. She enjoys watching the world go by from her window and is a vigilant guard against the squirrel menace. The only payment she requests for such diligence is a never ending supply of belly rubs!   


Joseph Crowe

Elsa is a four year old Golden Retriever who loves everyone!  She gets so excited when visitors come to the house because she knows they are there just to see her.  She is not much of a guard dog, unless she would lick the robbers to death or they tripped over her while they were taking a TV out the door.  She does have a keen sense of knowing when someone is not feeling well and won't leave their side.


Benjamin Bovee

Sheila is an Australian Shephard mix adopted from the Belleville Humane Society in 2005. She enjoys long naps, long walks and is very patient with kids. If she notices you are bored, she will be sure to put her head on your lap so you can pet her.




Rebecca Boyer

Maggie is a high-energy Lab/"Terrier" mix that was adopted from the shelter in 2017. She loves wrestling with her older brother, Winston, and regular trips to the dog park. She works full time guarding the Belleville office, but was almost fired her first month after electrocuting herself while unplugging some conference room equipment.


Krista Rybacki

Rupp is an Australian Cattle Dog, whose name comes from the University of Kentucky.  He may be small, but he has a very big personality!  He enjoys chasing his Nerf football, mulching sticks, and making new human friends.  His favorite treat is an ice cube, and he comes running every time he hears the ice dispenser running.




Virginia Flynn

James is a black lab/weimaraner mix.  His hobbies include camping, swimming, digging holes in the back yard, chasing the cat, and getting his leash out when he wants a walk.


Erika Roche

With the energy of a Labrador and Terrier, Daisy enjoys hurdling couches, hunting down squirrels and shredding any object with stuffing (including couch cushions). After chewing her way through two metal crates and a few hundred square feet of carpet,  when she isn't snuggling on the couch or hogging the bed, Daisy is closely watched by Mom and Dad through surveillance cameras while she's home alone.




Lance Chrisman

Remi was part of a litter picked up off the streets by animal control so we aren’t sure what kind of dog she is.  What we do know is that she has a larger than life personality, loves giving endless kisses, and her dream job would be working in the underwear and sock department of any department store.  Her love for both items keeps us constantly chasing her around.


Jamie Todt

Molly is a basset hound and loves basking in the sun and chasing squirrels.  



Lance Chrisman

Ludo is a part Beagle, part Cairn Terrier, born in 2016. Ludo's bark is stronger than his bite - he loves protecting the house, growling at you to pet him, and growling at you while you're petting him. 


Matt Masterson

Maggie is a 6 year old half Weimaraner, half Australian Sheppard mix.  She is a smart, energetic, and fun-loving dog who enjoys chasing squirrels and large flying insects (like bees and horse flies).  She likes to shake hands for treats, wrestle and chase her human brothers, and go for walks.  



Charles Graham

Opie is an eight month old Black Lab, and a first class Duck Dog-in-training.  When you think that he couldn’t possibly have any more energy, he steps it up into another gear. Opie is loveable and sweet, but all business at the same time.  He is a handful, but wouldn’t trade him for anything.


Charles Graham

Nellie is a three year old Yellow Lab that is just as home in the duck blind as she is fighting her way onto the couch.  She has never met a stranger and will do whatever is asked of her, as long as she is paid with belly rubs and Chewies.



Kaitlyn Schmollinger

Lee, commonly referred to as “Lee Man,” is a redbone coonhound. His hobbies include running the cat up the tree, going on long runs, and swimming in the pond. Lee loves to bury his treats in the back yard, along with playing fetch, and chasing the cows. Lee also enjoys getting ear scratches and kisses.



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