Lebanon Avenue - F Street to IL 161 STP Application


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) prepared an application to request federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds for the milling and resurfacing of Lebanon Avenue between F Street and Illinois Route 161 in Belleville, Illinois.  STP funds are flexible funds that are used by States and local agencies for projects on any federal-aid highway.  In the St. Louis Metropolitan area, municipalities submit grant applications to the East-West Gateway Council of Governments for review and award of STP funds for the proposed projects.  Once awarded, the implementation of the projects is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation and follows the federal guidelines for design and construction.   


City of Belleville, Illinois

City of Belleville, Illinois

Project Cost:
$1.3 Million

Estimated 2019

The City of Belleville tasked KEG will preparing an STP funding application for proposed improvements to Lebanon Avenue, a two-way, minor arterial roadway that connects the northern portion of Downtown Belleville with commercial and residential areas on the east side of Belleville.  The existing asphalt pavement surface is showing signs of deterioration and is in poor condition.  The existing sidewalks and curb ramps are also in poor condition and do not meet the current ADA requirements.    


The proposed project will include the milling and resurfacing of the existing roadway pavement.  The project will also include the removal and replacement of the existing concrete curb and gutters.   The existing sidewalk and curb ramps will be removed and replaced with new concrete sidewalks, located adjacent to the back of the new concrete curbs.  The new sidewalks and curb ramps will be ADA compliant and will provide a continuous pedestrian accessible route from F Street to Illinois Route 161, along both sides of Lebanon Avenue.

As part of the STP application, KEG prepared project justification report, project schedule, and project design and construction cost estimates.  KEG engineers conducted a field check of the existing pavement conditions and prepared a pavement condition evaluation in accordance with the IDOT Bureau of Design and Environment’s policies.  KEG also performed an evaluation of the proposed project against the Implementation Evaluation Criteria which included criteria such as preservation, safety, access to opportunity, sustainable development, and goods movement.




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