Our Culture




The mission of KEG is to provide exceptional, innovative, and comprehensive solutions, while building trusted partnerships with our clients.  We strive to improve ourselves and our communities by sharing and living our core values.


To be a leader of innovative and sustainable solutions, improving our communities and enhancing the quality of life.

Core Values

Faith assures us that we are not in this alone. We believe and trust in ourselves, each other, and our clients.  We are a community of people who have made the commitment to care for each other, and join together for a common purpose.

Each one of us is unique and gifted.  We have esteem for ourselves, our co-workers and collaborators, and our clients.  We treat all people with respect simply because they are people.  As a company, we value individual strengths and diversity. 

Trust is vital to our relationships and is central to the creative process of our projects. Trust allows us to connect with and depend on each other.  Employees who have established trust can create more value for our clients.  Trusting employees can leverage each other’s resources and gifts and can compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

We are born with a limitless potential. Whether this means being a better partner, spouse, parent, sibling, or coach; having more patience; being better organized; teaching with precision; meditating faithfully; or whatever someone wishes to improve, we are constantly working to better ourselves and KEG.

Gratitude is, without question, one of the secrets to a happy life. Recognizing the blessings, talents, and gifts in our lives and using them regularly increases our awareness and appreciation for all that we have been given. Sharing our gratitude and appreciating each other adds meaning and value to our lives.

Engineering is first and foremost about making the world a better place. This core value fuels our passion and keeps us focused on making a difference in the world.  At KEG, we are committed to service as individuals and as a team. 

Within a partnership, differences of gender, age, race, religion, or ethnic origin contribute a valuable depth of experience.  True partners accept, appreciate, and value each other, even when they disagree.  Partnerships promote creativity, trust, empathy, mutual respect, and caring.



A Complete Range of Services

We are a full service civil engineering, environmental, and contracting firm with an impressive portfolio of federal, state, county, and private project experience. 

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