SWIC Metrolink Improvements


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) performed QA/QC services for the construction of new bicycle and pedestrian facilities at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) in Belleville, Illinois. The project improvements consisted of the construction of a bridge over North Green Mount Road, which connected the existing trail around the SWIC Campus with the MetroBikeLink Trail. Bike trail additions also included a trail connection to the Brookhill neighborhood. The project also included roadway and pedestrian walkway improvements in and around the SWIC campus. These improvements included additional turn lanes at campus exits to mitigate congestion from students and the College MetroLink station, as well as amenities for the college, such as landscaping, lighted paths, retaining walls, and benches.


St. Clair County Transit District

Kilian Corporation

Project Cost:
$2.5 Million


This project was part of the SWIC Green Campus Initiative, a joint effort between SWIC & the St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) to integrate the College Metrolink station more fully into the campus and the surrounding community.

KEG was hired by Kilian Corporation to perform QA/QC during construction of the project. KEG provided construction inspection services during the excavation and placement of temporary access roads, new roadways with roundabouts, and the construction of bike and walking trails. 

KEG provided construction inspection and observation, coordinated compaction and concrete testing with respective agencies, prepared daily field reports, confirmed material quantities, embankment testing, verification of contractor staking, maintenance of SCCTD documentation, and various other duties that required the services of a resident technician on the project during construction.  




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