Various Bridge Inspections on I-255


Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC (KEG) provided structural bridge field inspections and reporting services as part of a Various/Various contract with the Illinois Department of Transportation in District Eight in Madison County, Illinois.  These services were provided for two work orders (9 and 11) in support of various bridge improvements on Interstate 255.  Field inspections included deck and underdeck inspections, preparation of field notes and photographs for each structure.  KEG also assisted IDOT with a set of repair plans for patching, concrete removal, and abutment repair. 


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) 


Project Cost:

January 2013

Work Order 9 included:
•    SN 060-0238 (NB) & 060-0239 (SB) – I-255 over Collinsville Road/US Route 40
•    SN 060-0206 (NB) & 060-0207 (SB) – I-255 Northbound over I-55/70 Ramps 5 & 6
•    SN 060-0214 (NB) – I-255 Northbound over Ramp 1
•    SN 060-0253 (SB) – I-255 Southbound over Ramp 1
•    SN 060-0215 – TR 110 Black Lane over I-255
•    SN 060-0216 (NB) – I-255 over FAU 9111/CH 35 Horseshoe Lake
•    SN 060-0217 (SB) – I-255 over FAU 9111/CH 36 Horseshoe Lake


Work Order 11 included:
•    SN 060-0218-0219 – I-255 over East/West Levee Road and Cahokia Canal
•    SN 060-0220-0221 – I-255 over Madison County Transit Nickel Plate Trail (Bike trail) and old rail road tracks
•    SN 060-0222 and SN 060-0242-0243 – I-255 over I-270
•    SN 060-0224 – I-255 over ramp  





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